Who We Are and Where We Stand

In the modern world government regulatory agencies are armed with the authority of law enforcement to legally and lawfully, exercise and authorize citations, fines, warnings, cease and desist letters, closures, and other crime and punishment procedures.  

In this very strategic regulatory environment of anti-nature and natural living, knowing where to stand and what your God (Creator, Source, Great Spirit or Universe) given rights are legally and lawfully is imperative.  We teach our members the importance of having ongoing access to education, and understanding their jurisdiction and knowledge that man has a covenant, specifically, the Abraham Covenant, an irrevocable complex express trust, obligation of contract, and fiduciary responsibility between God and man.  

As a trustee man has an obligation of contract with the Creator and been given a series of promises defined in theology This indentured relationship asserts that in exchange for faith man receives promises (daily bread, health, life, clean water, pure, air, and own land, etc.,).  As a trustee man holds title to these promises and stands in them legally and lawful as a jurisdiction.  

This jurisdiction grants man to be God’s trustee of the Earthly realm with an obligation of contract to express God’s Heavenly realm of love, light, frequency, energy and vibration to all life on Gaia or Mother Earth!

.  The United States of America’s, creation, legal foundation and operating principles are sourced form theology.  The forefathers, framers and architects of the drew inspiration from these promises in the Preamble of Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.”

It could be argued these unalienable rights are interchangeable with the promises!  This indentured trust between God and man and the fulfillment of the promises addresses things like freedom, self-governance, and sovereignty etc., 

Then why is man in debt, in-slaved or the plants, animals and people’s life-force suppressed if there are daily promises, from the Creator?  Looking deeper at the fiduciary responsibility between God and man, it becomes clearer that the fulfillment of these promises is achieved by God (Creator, Source, Great Spirit or Universe) love, light, frequency, energy and vibration expressing through man. 

Man has a right to pure and energized water, clean and electromagnetically distorted free air, healthy and nourishing soil, natural and healthy food, abundant land, natural resources, healing modalities, holistic and natural remedies, undisturbed skies, 

When this Divine expression is suppressed, blocked, challenged or denied, it is the obligation of the trustee to enforce the terms of the agreement and fiduciary responsibility of the indentured trust, as an agent of God, to remove the obstruction or suppression to the promises.  

As trustees man has legal and lawful right from God to have these promises fulfilled and no mosaic law, tort, legislation, state, agency or jurisdiction, can set aside these promises or this irrevocable trust between God and man.  As God’s trustee the obligation of contract for naturally, and Divinely assuring that life is expressed is jurisdiction and right! 

The definition of science is dualistic, mechanistic and means to dominate and control nature, which by design removes God, spirit or energy, and mechanizes God’s creation of living things like plants, animals and people.  

Newtonian physics, the bio-medical model, the standardization of medical education, the science of chemical composition have failed humanity and continue to create harm and suppress life and God’s creations. 

Agricultural, horticulture, livestock management, food production, has been changed by the invention and application of poisonous chemicals, dangerous fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, life-less water and dead soil.  

The food supply is now very sick, nutrition deficient, unnatural, low energy, chemically enriched, processed formulas for damaging health, destroying the microbiome and limiting life-force and immune strength.  

We have an obligation to remove chemical pollution, contamination and rejuvenate farming, growing, and food production naturally, restore the microbiome, respect life and to alignment with God’s promises.  We have an obligation to fund to research, investigates Quantum technologies and explore frequency, energy and vibration solutions to increase yield, vitality and quality of life!  

We have obligation as trustees to remove the manipulation, contamination and poisoning of the elementals of water, air, fire and earth, and to restore the natural immunity, purity and vitality to all of life!  

This obligation includes removing high frequency ionospheric “weather manipulation” heaters, wireless communication technology and life altering molecular technologies that distorts the paramagnetic fields, fractures the planetary energy grids and distorts the electro-magnetism of life on the planet.  

Our mission is to purify and energize the water, the air, and the food and clean up, the chemical, environmental and (EMF) bio-resonance pollution, and contamination on the planet.  

To redefine the science of water as a Quantum, vibrational field, crystalline structure and programmable frequency for creating life or death at a cellular level.

Our mission is to return to the orthodoxy of healing as a preferred modality vs the Western medicine, Big Pharma model of standard of care or managed healthcare.  To restore and legalize laying on of hands, detoxing naturally, anointing with oils, plant medicines, and the power of prayer. Restore and legalize the four healing modalities of indigenous, holistic, dynastic and monastic.  

An obligation to assure that trained and educated

medical, dental, and health and wellness professionals can offer their God given healing gifts under the four healing modalities of indigenous, holistic, dynastic and monastic.  Creating a new jurisdiction through credentialing, licensing, regulation and review by our own medical, dental and health and wellness educators, and medical board(s), and councils.

An obligation to natural supplement, herbal, holistic, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers, of life-force and immune building technologies how to privatize. Teaching them how to reduce regulatory risk by no longer soliciting the public and convert their retail business into private memberships or cooperatives.

A global mission to restore indigenous and sovereign nations right to operate collectively as “One Indigenous Voice” to be recognized globally at the local, regional and international level with friendly societies, treaties, and tribal compacts.  

We support the indigenous and sovereign nations obligation of contract with their ancestors for pure water, clean air, non-desecrated land, the preservation of their sacred healing traditions and medicines and reciprocal trade.  

We have an obligation of contract to develop products, solutions, technologies, vibrational, frequency energetic tools for rejuvenating, increasing immunity and restoring life. Provide global distribution, life-changing training, personal development growth and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

We have an obligation of contract as trustees to teach our members to consciously program their home / office / business with harmonic frequencies and create healing bio-resonance fields.  Fields that use principles of quantum physics to design environments that increase life-force, reduce DNA damage, and strengthen immunity.

We have an obligation of contract to teach our members about full spectrum living and how to increase the immunity, and life-force of plants, animals, and people.  To teach our members how to create and build pure bio-sanctuaries of light, color and sound for living, and working.

To remove the blocks to restoring more of God’s healing, love, light, frequency, energy and vibration to plants, animals, people and Gaia or Mother Earth!

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