Our Mission

Pure for Planet Global Mission (PFPGM) is an IRS 508 (c) (1a), global nonprofit, corporate sole, trust and educational society.  Our membership consists of students, healers, educators, farmers, ranchers, growers, scientist, government officials, experts, inventors, visionaries, and corporations, and investors.

Our mission is to help heal the planet by educating humanity about the science behind the standardization of education, medicine, health, agriculture, and the environment.

To explain how these technologies, and pollutants and poisons created by this science has altered man’s connection to God, suppressed the awareness to nature, increased inflammation, fostered cognitive dissonance, distorted reality, normalized violent behavior and weakened the immune strength of life on Mother Earth and Gaia.

To empower man to make new choices for living, working and worshiping and reconnecting to the oneness and love of God!

As agents of God and trustees of Creation we have a worldwide responsibility to increase the life-force energy and immunity of plants, animals and people.

To exercise our Divine rights by standing in the jurisdiction God’s love, light, and promises, and defending that jurisdiction by protecting the access to pure, natural, healthy, energized water, air, soil and food and the cultivation and assurance of natural living.

We stand for the departure of standardization and the application of Quantum physics, the miracles of the supernatural and the science of frequency, energy and vibration regarding all of life.

We advocate a return to the orthodoxy of healing as preferred modality and preserving, and protecting the indigenous, holistic, monastic, and dynastic healing practices and living, growing and eating naturally.

We stand for the creation of one “Indigenous Tribal Voice” globally for the unification of the tribes to help them honor their ancestral obligations of contracts for pure water, clean air, un-desecrated land, healing practices and increase reciprocal trade. A united global jurisdiction to legally defend their natural rights in the world court, the United Nations and with governments.

We have an obligation of contract to provide solutions, technologies, and develop pure-bio sanctuaries for living, working, growing food, increasing eco-sustainability, creating right livelihood and creating community and membership globally.

We stand in this jurisdiction of God’s indentured trust and fulfill this contract by providing healing professionals, the natural health industry, tribal societies, and religious orders with education, membership services, solutions, partnerships, treaties, global compacts and friendly societies.

Support and structures for unifying and legally, and lawfully protecting, defending and exercising their Divine rights, against government regulations, laws, or torts that seek to suppress God’s expression, and the life-force and immune strength of plants, animals and people that set aside our God given rights and jurisdiction as trustees!

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