Small Business or Medical Practice Starter Kit


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This business kit is designed as the ideal choice to meet the needs of small businesses or professional medical offices with exam rooms, lobby/reception area, conference rooms, restrooms and staff lounges. 

We recommend placing an Ion Tower Max in reception areas/lobbies, doctor’s office, conference rooms and staff lounges. Each Ion Tower Max provides 750,000,000 negative ions per second of Ionization in up to an 1800 sqft area. 

We recommend the Plug-In 4.0 Air Optimizers (15 ft. x 15 ft. area) in all exam rooms, restrooms, individual and staff offices. Each Plug-In produces 30,000,000 negative ions per second in up to a 15 ft x 15 ft area.

Starter Kit Includes:

(4) – Plug-In 4.0 – $125 x 4 = $500

(2) – Ion Tower Max = $495 x 2 = $990

Full Retail Total: $1,490

After Discount = $1,395

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