Strengthen your immune system naturally with Phyt2Fit 100% Original! A unique blend of essential vitamins, herbs and ionized water for optimal absorption and cell recovery.


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Phyt2Fit contains a balanced spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals including B12, K2, B6, C and a range of herbs such as Ginseng, Japanese Fucoidan, Fennel that contribute to the body’s daily needs. The basis of this supplement is ionized water, which is an ideal carrier for the essential nutrients.

Restore cell membranes naturally

This supplement offers a holistic approach to wellness by harnessing the power of natural ingredients, combined with advanced water ionization, to provide effective support for a healthy immune system and overall health. Choose Phyt2Fit and experience the synergy between science and nature in the pursuit of a vital and healthy life.

Phyt2Fit supports the recovery of the cell membrane. The cell membrane is a biological structure that separates
the inside of a cell from the outside. Many different proteins are anchored in a cell membrane that provide physiological reactions and transport processes. The cell membrane acts as a selectively permeable filter that allows only specific substances to pass through. In principle, water, ions and large molecules cannot simply pass through a cell membrane. Ion permeability is regulated by specific ion channels of the many types of proteins in a cell membrane. The channels often depend on the membrane potential for their permeability. Our product is constructed in this way; based on negative ions, which are easily absorbed by the cell membrane.

See cellmembrane for more information about cell membranes.


What sets Phyt2Fit apart is not only the quality of the ingredients, but also the way they are absorbed. The natural substances are processed in ionized and structured water, which is negatively charged. This allows the natural nutrients to be easily absorbed by the body, because they are naturally tailored to the body’s own system.

Ionization is widely used in various industries and has positive effects on humans, animals and plants.

How Do I Use Phyt2Fit?

Start every morning with the power of Phyt2Fit, your natural boost for a strong immune system! Shake the bottle well and take 10 drops of Phyt2Fit with a glass of ionized water, preferably on an empty stomach. This is a claim I would not make. Remember: stick to the recommended dosage. Phyt2Fit is NOT a replacement for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Phyt2Fit has been thoroughly tested by a recognized laboratory and regularly undergoes energetic tests at the renowned institute Vortex Vitalis.

Made with care in the Netherlands.


Phy2tFit delivers optimal immune strength and revolutionary nutrition by adding only daily 10 drops to a glass of our structured, energized, ionized and optimized water.  This high potency formula of full spectrum and balanced minerals and supplements is available at the level of maximum hydration.  Made with superior water technology and delivered with the same technology to your trillions and trillions of cells in one glass.  

Please note regular, bulk, municipal or bottled water does not have the permeability and absorption to effortlessly pass through the cell membrane wall like the water our water devices create. 

These two portable products: the Bottle Topper & Handheld Water Device used with a bottle of Phyt2Fit were designed as the fortified base and the delivery system for your optimal health.  

If you are new customer and do not currently have one of our portable water devices or our faucet device, then please see our Starter Kit #1 package.


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