Hydro Pro Home (Large)

This all stainless steel heavy duty optimizer can handle all the water in your home. Best for 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ Thread Piping.

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The Hydro Pro Home SS inline water optimizer naturally cleans, energizes, optimizes and micro clusters water.  This unit is perfect for the whole property (the house, the gardens, and the landscaping), providing significant value to people, plants, and animals.

The Four Step design transform your water’s molecular atomic and subatomic coding by frequency loading the water with a broad spectrum of healthy, biological beneficial frequencies and essential minerals, nutrients and elements, and organic materials that the human body requires.

These technologies essentially duplicate the full spectrum natural action of flowing, spinning and naturally charging process nature intended and humanity vibrationally enjoyed and benefited from thousands of years.

This unit is designed for 1/2″, 3/4″  and 1″ water lines. Its rated performance is 1585 gallons per hour. 

Perfect for restructuring and optimizing water throughout your entire home and property!

Install this unit on your main water line and relax knowing you are getting the best naturally cleaned, energized and vibrational water possible.

These units are super high output commercial grade #316 Stainless Steel devices featuring 2 of our optimizer rings making them the most powerful and most cost-effective devices of their kind on the market today regardless of size. 


#316 High-Quality Stainless Steel Housing

2 – Optimizer Rings

2 – 99% Medical Grade Titanium Springs

Increased Potency

Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions:  175cm long x 65 cm diameter (6 1/4” long x 2 ¼” diameter)

2Liter/H: 6000

Gallons/H: 1585

PSI: 105

Thread Diameter: 1”

Bar: 7

Weight Gram: 1890

Weight Ibs: 4.2

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