Filtration is Not Enough

Water has energetic memory and that memory is NOT changed by filtration. The pollutants and containments are still energetically in tap water after filtration!

Dr. Jacques Benveniste, a French medical researcher, discovered certain scientific properties of water which defy explanation by the tenets of mainstream physics.

Benveniste, further asserted that the recorded information can digitally re-write other water. The doctor insisted this ability is the mechanism by which homeopathic remedies work.

His work was hotly disputed by the scientific community, and he lived out a life of shame, discredit and rejection from the scientific community. The scientific community had its reasons for not validating his studies at the time, but his work has since been validated and continues to be.

The science he developed, Digital Biology, is based upon two breakthrough observations that he proved in experiments that have since been duplicated by other scientists:

1. If a substance is placed in water, the water will pick up and carry the memory of that substance even when no measurable molecules of the original substance remain. The water absorbs the electromagnetic frequencies of the substance and will retain this energetic memory even if the original substance is subsequently removed from the water.

2. The molecules of any given substance have a spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies that can be digitally recorded with a computer, then played back into untreated water (using an electronic transducer), causing the exposed water to behave as if the actual substance were physically present.

What Dr. Benveniste’s work proves is that it is not enough to simply remove toxins and contaminants from water via filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis or chemical treatment.

To restore water to its healthy, life-giving state, the electromagnetic frequencies of any harmful substances must be removed or ameliorated, and this is precisely what our Optimized Water Technology accomplishes.

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