Multi-Purpose Inline Optimizer


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 The Multi-purpose Optimizer naturally clean, energizes, optimizes and micro clusters water with the biological, beneficial, frequencies, minerals, nutrient organic elements your body requires for optimal health!  Its particular focus is apartment / condo rentals or specific locations where the delivery of source wate is desired such as under the sink, on the shower head, on a garden house or select faucet 

Perfect For Apartments, Condominiums Or Hotel Rooms

The 1/2″ thread residential units are designed for 1/2″ water lines in your permanent or temporary residence. 

Perfect for restructuring and optimizing water specific locations, such as under your sink, on your shower and even your garden hose.  

Ideal for an optimizing solution for apartment / condo rental  property without disturbing the often hard to find or unauthorized water line!

These units are super high output commercial grade #316 Stainless Steel devices making them the most powerful and most cost-effective devices of their kind on the market today !


Stainless Steel Housing
Shower, Garden & Under-sink
Standard Potency
Lifetime Warranty
L X W X H: 60 x 31
Inch: 2 1/2” X 1 ¼”
1″ Optimizer Ring
Liter/H: 1000
Gallons/H: 264
Thread Diameter: ½”
Bar: 3
PSI: 45
Weight Gram: 270
Weight LBS: 0.595248

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