Hydro Pro Go Classic Combo

Travel, portable and compact. Screws on to most water bottles.

Can be used as a bottle topper or handheld with the accompanying funnel


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Product Description

The Hydro Pro Go was developed for higher performance, deeper workouts, maximum hydration, with more energetic conductivity oxygen and negative ions! It naturally cleans, energizes, optimizes and micro clusters water with the beneficial biological frequencies, minerals, and nutrient organic elements your body requires for optimal health! Like all of our transformational water devices, they work easily for filling personal carry bottles from the sink, RO or filtered sources to easily assure you are getting the best hydration and highest energy from every drop you drink. Enjoy all the benefits of structured water on the go: hiking, events, running errands and more.

The Hydro Pro Go only fits hard plastic water bottles that don’t contain BPA. We recommend that you refill them over and over with your tap water. The technology is that effective, pure, natural and healthy!

These technologies essentially duplicate the full spectrum natural action of flowing, spinning and naturally charging process nature intended and humanity vibrationally enjoyed and benefited from thousands of years.

This small device is the core of the Freshwater Standard Polycarbonate Product Line. This mighty mini structuring and optimizing device contain 1 small optimizer ring and the new 2.0 Titanium Spring. Together these components include everything needed to supercharge the body and expect high performance and maximum hydration!

Remove the top to pour any liquid through


Polycarbonate housing with 1″ Optimizer Ring and 99.9% Titanium Spring! 

The Optimizer Ring has a broad spectrum of Essential Elements, all known Beneficial Salts, Amino Acids, Proteins, Minerals, Complex Organic Sea Vegetation, highly efficient Paramagnetic Mineral, Platinum Group Metals, Gold and Silver as well as a select group of Natural Crystal and fine Silica. We also add an elite group of Monatomic Elements in the form of the White Powder of Gold.

Dimensions: 85 mm Long x 31 mm Diameter (3.25″ Long x 1.25″ Diameter)

Optimizer Ring: 1″ Composite

Flush (Flow): 600 liters per hour (131 gallons per hour)

Thread Diameter: 0.5”

Bar: 1

PSI: 14

Weight: 55 grams (0.121254 lbs)

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty: Warranty exchanges due to defective workmanship are in all cases the responsibility of the manufacturer. Pick-up and return delivery for shipping fees in the USA due to manufacturer defects is also the responsibility of the manufacturer. International shipping fees will be quoted and collected for return shipments. Should damage have occurred outside of the manufacturer warranty, a service charge for the repair will be assessed and collected prior to the return of the device in question.

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